Engineered! STEM Competition

Dive into innovation with the Engineered! STEM Competition, an eagerly anticipated annual event proudly sponsored by FSE and hosted by SBS. Designed exclusively for the bright minds of local 7th and 8th grade students, this competition serves as a gateway to the captivating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Local schools with aspiring students destined for Red Bank Regional High School are cordially invited to embark on this thrilling journey of discovery and creativity. Here, teams of two will have the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and problem-solving skills as they vie for prizes.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and excellence as young talents come together to engineer a brighter future!


Engineered! 2024

The 5th annual edition of the Engineered! Competition was a thrilling fusion of innovation and challenge reminiscent of the adrenaline-packed drama of “Chopped,” the renowned cooking show, but with a twist of engineering brilliance! Each participating team received a tantalizing array of three mystery basket items, akin to the secret ingredients in the kitchen stadium. But there, the challenge wasn’t to whip up a culinary masterpiece; it was to engineer a groundbreaking solution!

Teams ingeniously incorporated all mystery basket items into their designs, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. And the excitement didn’t stop there – teams had the option to supplement their creations with additional mystery basket items and the vast array of resources available in our cutting-edge makerspace.

With esteemed judges Mr. Oshel and Mr. Cooperman, educators from the Engineering Department at Red Bank Regional High School, scrutinizing every detail, teams were evaluated on their innovative approach, creative flair, and the practical functionality of their designs.

Five distinguished schools rose to the challenge: SBS, Red Bank Charter, Red Bank Middle School, Little Silver, and Bradley Beach. Each school brought its unique blend of talent and determination to the competition, vying for the coveted title of engineering champion.

For the 1st challenge, teams confronted the pressing issue of ocean pollution by constructing devices aimed at removing plastics from our precious seas. And as the competition heated up, the stakes only got higher with the 2nd challenge: crafting one of four essential kitchen appliances – sink, dishwasher, oven/stove, or refrigerator – designed specifically for accessibility, ensuring usability for individuals who couldn’t use their hands.

Both the students and teachers enjoyed the competition, with a good time had by all. Congratulations to Olivia Tomasiello & Sabrina DaSilva on 1st Place and Caitlin Connors & Maddie Doody on 2nd Place!